Despite having his show canceled after the first season, Matt Ryan’s John Constantine continues to be one of the most beloved characters of CW’s Arrowverse. Over the last few years, Ryan has reprised the role on just about ever Arrowverse show, as well as on his own animated CW Seed show (set to premiere this weekend). Now it looks like he’s found a new home on DC Legends of Tomorrow.

This isn’t the first time that Constantine has appeared on the show, he even managed to sleep with one of the main characters earlier this season, but this is the first time since his solo series that he’ll have a place hang his trenchcoat for an extended period of time.

While it got off to a bumpy start, Legends has become the most fun of the Arrowverse shows. It has the freedom to delve into some strange territories. In fact, last week’s episode featured the team saving a young Elvis from his haunted guitar. The idea of adding a warlock to the mix opens up a lot of new possibilities.