The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event is now over and the lingering effects will be felt for years as all CW Arrowverse universes now find themselves part of the same reality. One of the big treats the series has offered is crossovers with classic DC TV shows and even some of the current shows airing on the DC Streaming Universe. Until last night, however, we hadn’t had a crossover between the current DCEU film universe and its TV counterpart. Tonight we got exactly that when Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin found themselves face-to-face. It was a great moment of fan service, but we don’t think it had quite the effect the studio heads at WB were hoping for.

It’s being reported that the crossover was specifically requested by the studio. We can only guess that it was to help elevate the image of Ezra Miller as the Flash when his solo film has been delayed for so long that most people assumed he’d be recast. Unfortunately for Miller, this crossover is a great argument for it. When you’ve got a TV version and a movie version of the same hero on the screen at the same time, the TV version should not outshine the TV version. While we don’t think Gustin should be the big screen flash (keep the worlds separate), seeing him being asked by Miller’s flash if he was cosplaying, made us laugh. In the acting and look of the hero, it was Miller who seemed out of place. If you haven’t seen the episode, check out this clip of the meet up below: