The Chinese may have had half their country on the on the field during the opening ceremonies of The Summer Olympics, but The UK has something better… James Frickin Bond!

Director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) is in the process of putting the opening ceremony of the games, which is currently titled : “The Arrival”. In it, there is a film segment shot at Buckingham Palace that features Craig as James Bond. There are additional rumors that The Queen herself will also be making an appearance in the video.

“Apparently Bond arrives at Buckingham Palace by royal appointment and is informed of his mission to open the games. He proceeds to be flown via helicopter to the Olympic stadium, where he parachutes into the arena. Boyle and Co. shot the spot with real helicopters and parachutes.”

That sounds cool and all, but I’d much rather see all of the living Bonds performing a water dance like in the old Esther Merman movies.

here are a couple of clips from Beijing’s Olympic Opening Ceremony to give you an idea of the bar that Boyle has to surpass.

Source: Collider