Darren Aronofsky is just one of the big directors working on a major Bible related film in the near future, (Others being Mel Gibson with The Maccabees and Steven Spielberg with Moses), but his seems to be getting the most attention. We now are getting a few new details on the movie.

In a recent interview, Jeff Wells from Hollywood Elsewhere was able to reveal that the film is gearing up to shoot this summer in New York and Iceland and will probably be released in the fall of 2012.

Also, it has been revealed that they are looking to cast the role of a villain for the story. While there’s no real villain in the original bible tale (other than mankind as a whole) it looks like they’ll be casting someone to act as a counterpoint to Noah’s claims of a coming flood.

Some reports have placed Michael Fassbender in the lead role, but that is probably not going to happen with this filming schedule.

Source: Collider