David E. Kelley, made “Ally McBeal” “The Practice” household names, but what will he do with an invisible plane? That’s right, Kelley is slated to produce Wonder Woman’s return to the small screen through Warner Bros. Television.

Wonder Woman was recently rebooted in the comics with a costume that… to put it lightly… really pissed off a lot of fans. Will this be the direction of the new show?

Right now, everything is pretty much a secret. We don’t even know if she’ll be keeping her lasso and arm bands. All we can say is they better not get rid of her invisible plane.

The last time The DC Comics Hero was on TV was in the 1970’s when Linda Carter donned the Tiara. No one has been able to really get it right since then. Even Joss Whedon had trouble when he tried to write up a screen play for a big screen production.

So, what do you think? Keg full of awesome or steaming dung pile of fail in the making?

Please, please, please, just don’t cast Olivia Munn in the title role.

Source: Deadline