You can’t swing a dead cat lately without hitting a multiverse story. We’ve got Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an acknowledgment that the MCU now has a multiverse, The CW’s Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths event, and now HE-Man.

In the new comic, He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1, by Tim Seeley, Dan Fraga and Richard Friend, our favorite Eternian will have to look to the Multiverse, and an alternate version of the man who could become Skeletor to help stop Anti-He-Man.

“Anti-He-Man, the scourge of Anti-Eternia, has been unleashed! He-Men from across the Multiverse will unite! Blazing a trail across the dimensions, Anti-He-Man is devastating each version of Eternia and stealing the power of Greyskull. Now it’s up to a ragtag team of surviving He-Men to recruit the one man in existence, across every Multiverse, who might save them: Prince Keldor, the man who would be Skeletor. This all-new miniseries features the most iconic eras and beloved takes on the Masters of the Universe!

Check out the preview images below, care of Newsarama.