With all the drama surrounding Deadpool 2, it’s hard to imagine that they’ve already begun work on the third chapter in the franchise, but that’s exactly what’s being reported.

According to THR, the film is not only already in the planning stage, but reports are that the movie will feature Cable’s team, X-Force. I guess it isn’t all that surprising, as it’s already been announced that the Mutant wetworks team would be featuring into the FOX’s future Mutant plans, but talking about Deadpool 3 at this point feels a little “Cart Before the Horse.”

The real question here is what are we looking at as far as an X-Universe? Is Deadpool going to exist in his own dimension? Will X-Force be part of his world, and not part of the standard X-verse? Given the lackluster work on X-Men: Apocalypse, it’s almost hard to imagine what they are planning to make the next movie in that franchise worth watching.

Either way, next up will be Logan. We’ll see what happens from there.