We’ve been a bit behind on posts for the last week or so. That had a lot to do with business travel and the inevitable germs that tend to follow you home. Also, it’s been weighing on me lately that two of my closest friends are both going through treatments for cancer. It’s nuts that I’m watching two friends of mine, both in their thirties, have to go through surgeries and possibly radiation. That’s why I wanted to get things rolling this week with Deadpool.

Along with looking like a great movie, Deadpool is, at it’s heart, a movie about a guy with cancer who is willing to do anything to not leave the woman he loves alone. Some of the best laughs I’ve had in the last week have been from a series of PSA’s that the film has been putting out on self-exams for both testicular and breast cancers… ironically, the two cancers that my friends are dealing with.

So, take a second. Learn. Live. And have one more excuse to touch yourself.