I love movies, but damned if there are some days when I don’t hate Hollywood. Not only are there regular remakes all over the place in tinsel town, but there’s also this Three Stooges movie which, depending on who you ask, is either biographical or just a remake… of people… A REMAKE OF PEOPLE!!!

Three Stooges as made by the Farrelly brothers would be the cinematic equivalent of Soylent green. It’s just dried up, processed people, stuffed in a box for you to consume. Now with more Johnny Depp!

An inside source who is connected with the film has some startling news about the production. No, God did not smite them down with the fury of a million angry dogs with bees in their mouths.

Apparently, the Farrelly Brothers want to cast Johnny Depp and Sean Penn in the movie as Moe and Larry.

he 45-year-old actor could soon be poking Sean Penn in the eye in the Farrelly brothers’ forthcoming comedy

The Farrelly brothers will work on the Stooges movie after filming Walter the Farting Dog with the Jonas Brothers this spring. … That pretty much says it all.