While some people on the internet are still sad to hear that Danny DeVito isn’t going to be voicing Pikachu in the upcoming Pokemon mystery film, everyone seems pretty confident that Ryan Reynolds will do a decent job of voicing the little electric rodent. As it was previously reported, his main human counterpart will be ‘The Get Down’s’ Justice Smith as Tim Goodman. He’ll be playing a teen who seeks out Pikachu’s help in finding his kidnapped father.

Today’s big news for the film is that they’ll be getting a major injection of British talent in the film by way of Bill Nighy and Chris Geere The two have joined the film in undisclosed roles. If I had to guess, about Nighy’s role, I’d probably expect to see him as the villain. As for Geere (FVV’s You’re the Worst), I’ve really got no idea. We’ll know one way or another when Detective Pikachu hits screens on May 10, 2019.