Earlier today, we reported that Jamie Foxx was up for the role of Electro in the Spider-Man sequel. Luckily, the news broke around the same time that Collider had an interview set up with director Marc Webb, and he was more than willing to spill a bunch of details about the upcoming movie. Check out the quotes and then watch the video of the interview below.

On the importance of Peter’s Parents in f the films:

“[The story with the parents] is the long shadow that’s cast over the three films. I want these films to have a serialized component, and there’s a slow burn to that. I need to leave some juice for the second movie. That was one of the more exciting things about creating Spider-Man, was that I could create more than one and there was a serialized component to it.”M

The importance of Oscorp is important to Webb’s Spider-Man universe:

“When I was thinking about the universe as a whole—and I talked about this with [screenwriter] Jamie Vanderbilt way back in the day—that all crazy stuff in this universe emerges from Oscorp. Oscorp predates Spider-Man and Peter Parker. His parents were involved in some way. And Oscorp represents… The building itself, there was something iconic about it. To me it’s like the Tower of Babel, which is this testament to man’s hubris. Peter’s relationship will evolve with it over time. That was really one of the central components, one of the pieces that tied all these stories together, this relationship with Oscorp.”

On why Electro was picked for the second film?

“I think Electro is an incredibly visual, exciting, dangerous villain. There is a lot of appealing stuff that is going to happen as the world emerges.

Source: Collider