It what sounds like it could be a fun, if not slightly outdated new series of animated shorts from Disney+, they are going back to the classic hand-drawn animated shorts where we learn about life through Goofy in Disney Animation Studios Presents Goofy In How To Stay At Home.

Instead of learning how to lose weight, play sports, or any of the other adventures Goofy went on in the past, the new series will feature episodes that include How to Wear a Mask, Learning to Cook, and Binge Watching. While these would have been a lot more timely if they had been released around 12 months ago, they should still be fun little cartoons that people can look back at in 50 years, just like that time Donald Duck dreamt he was a Nazi.

Check out some of the classic Goofy toons, and the aforementioned Donald Duck cartoon below and toon into Disney+ on August 11th for the first episode of How to Stay at Home.