Disney+ MCU series that give us more details and introduce characters from our favorite marvel films is something that nearly everyone is behind. TV series that expand on the live-action Disney movie adaptations might be a different story. Regardless of how bad we thought the live-action Beauty and The Beast (and most of the live-action Disney adaptations) were, they made a boatload of money. That means Disney is going to squeeze that stone until the last drop of blood comes out. Enter the newly announced ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel Series about Gaston & Le Fou.

THR has announced that the series is actively in development with Once Upon a Time’s Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz putting it together and both Luke Evans and Josh Gad set to reprise their roles from the film.

The series is expected to run as a “six-episode musical event” with Alan Menken, the composer, and songwriter for the original film coming back to score the new show.

Given that Disney+ has a touchy relationship with LGBTQ characters, it is highly unlikely that we’ll see any further exploration of Josh Gad’s Le Fou, who the actor has already gone on record as saying was gay. However, it’s unlikely that they’d be willing to push this new series over to Hulu like they did the new Love Simon series.