Just a few months after being told not to fear for their jobs, the movie marketing division for Marvel has been laid off by parent corporation Disney.

Officially, it seems like Disney wants to take all the marketing for “The Avengers” and other future Marvel movies in-house. Kevin Feige will still maintain control over the whole deal though so fans can breathe a bit easier.

Unofficially, it seems that Feige and several other Disney and Paramount executives were not fans of the Marvel team. The folks over at deadly heard these snarky remarks:

“Not up to or have the skill set to release this brand properly”… “Their job was to keep track of the people doing the real work”… “Paper pushers”… ”Would it have killed them to return an email?”… “Disney doesn’t need someone to cut its trailers”…)”

There’s no word on if this is the end of the house cleaning or if there are more axes yet to fall.

Source: Deadline

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