It’s a big day for Star Wars fans. First we hear about Rian Johnson launching a new trilogy and now we find out that we’ll finally be getting a live action TV series set in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away. As you may recall, Disney recently announced that they’d be ditching Netflix to create their very own streaming network by late 2019. Along with their full catalog of Disney, Marvel, (potentially FOX), and Star Wars content, it now appears that plans are already on the way to have new programming ready by the time the network premiers.

During Disney’s new Quarterly Earnings Call, Bob Iger announced that one of the programs they plan to unveil is a live action series set in the world of Star Wars. Sadly, he had no further details about the show, but one has to wonder what direction they plan on taking it? Will it be set on the new planet that is also home to the upcoming Star Wars attractions at Disney World and Disneyland? Will this be the mythical 100 completed scripts of a bounty hunter show that George Lucas has completed, but never took into production? It’s probably going to be a while before we find out. In fact, don’t expect any news until at least 2019’s Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars wasn’t the only property Iger announced in the meeting. He also mentioned that TV adaptations were in the works for Monsters Inc. and High School Musical, as well as at least one new series based in the Marvel Universe. In addition to that he announced that they’d also be working to license programming from third parties, making it look like they aren’t trying to co-exist with Netflix as much as they are trying to take the market.