Variety reports that Disney is seeking to make a new live-action Gargoyles movie based on an original idea, and not based off the classic 90s’ animated series of the same name.

Disney is currently in negotiations with screenwriter Zoe Green to write the film off of an original idea that she developed with producer Lauren Shuler Donner. Donner is best known for her work on Fox’s X-Men franchise. She is also currently overseeing Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class” “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds, and the rumored “X-Men Origins: Magneto.”

The new Gargoyles film would “centers around a world and mythology that the studio was keen to explore, sources said. Green hatched the idea with Disney exec LouAnne Brickhouse, who is shepherding the project at the studio, and set it up at the Donners’ Co., which Shuler Donner runs with her husband Richard Donner.”

Not much else is known about this new Gargolyes project, but it would be interesting to see as it appears to be a new tent-pole project after the colossal failure of “Prince of Persia.”

Source: Variety