Dragonball Evolution which is currently out in selected parts of Asia is getting its US release date pushed back from April 8 to April 10th.

The two day push back was unexplained by the folks over at 20th Century Fox and now sets fake-white-ass-Goku to compete against Seth Rogen’s “Observe and Report” and the most likely weekend box office smash “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

This move has many movie goers scratching their head considering the delaying would only hamper its success which was apparently set very low to begin with.

Dragonball Evolution is directed by James Wong and stars Justin Chatwin (Goku), Justin Chatwin (Lord Piccolo), Jamie Chung (Chi Chi), Emmy Rossum (Bulma), Joon Park (Yamcha) and Chow Yun-Fat (Master Roshi).

Source: MTV Splash