Plans for the Terminator Reboot are moving forward as planned and there are three big names up for the role of Sarah Connor.

The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that the three up for the role are Emilia Clarke (known best for “Game of Thrones”), Brie Larson (who was featured in “21 Jump Street”) and Margot Robbie (who is currently appearing in the new film “About Time”) .

All three of them have big shows to fill after the role was originated by Linda Hamilton and then continued by Lena Headey in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Along with the role of Sarah, Director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) is seeking to fill the role of Kyle Reese as well. Early reports are the that Tron Legacy’s Garrett Hedlund is the current front-runner.

We also know that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back as a Terminator robot, but we really can’t imagine how.

Source: LR