One of the biggest questions in comic book movies for the last year was, who will be the cast of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot. Rumors have started to really swirl in the last couple of weeks, but now we’ve got the full team roster today via Variety.

The cast looks like it will fall in line with most of the rumors. Miles Teller will be playing Reed Richards/ Mr Fantastic, Kate Mara has nabbed the role of Sue Storm/ The Invisible woman. Playing her brother (we are guessing from another Mother) Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm/ The Human Torch. Rounding out the four is Jamie Bell who has been tapped to play Ben Grimm/ The Thing.

Now all that is left is the casting on the villain. Right now it is heavily rumored that we’ll be seeing the Fantastic Four face off against a female Doctor Doom.

Source: Variety