Fans of The Guild are quickly flocking to the second season of Legend of Neil by Guild Cast member, Sandeep Parikh. This is the story of Neil, who one night, while drinking, playing Zelda and man handling his other joy stick, is transported to Hyrule where he is Zelda and Felicia Day is a dirty minded Nymphomaniac Fairy.

In this episode:
Hyrule bursts into song in a very special musical episode. Fairy’s in peril, Gannon has to vent, and Neil’s got to get through Level 2– all without missing a beat. It all kicks off with Felicia Day’s Fairy getting nasty with some of her favorite things.

This show might be about the old NES game Zelda, but its meant for the grown ups. So remember kiddies, this little video is just slightly NSFW.

Legend of Neil, Season 2, Ep. 3 — The Musical