Having Carol Danvers and her Captain Marvel power set helping out the Avengers during their battle with Thanos would not only be super helpful to the team, but it would also be pretty damned awesome to watch. Sadly, Avengers: Infinity War director, Joe Russo, has now confirmed that it’s just not going to happen.

As we learned last week, we’ll be meeting up with Carol Danvers in the 90’s where her movie is set and where Captain Marvel will be taking on the green-skinned Skrull invaders as part of the fallout of the Kree/Skrull War. We’ll see her next in the film that comes after Infinity War. However, we have no idea what will happen to her in-between that 20+ year period. Chances are that she’d have to be in some sort of stasis to avoid having to age her up with CGI. As to whether the Captain Marvel we meet in Avengers 4 will be her or a Skrull body-Double, that remains to be seen.

There is also a chance that we are being lied to and they want to keep the Brie Larson unveil a secret until the very last minute. Let’s hope!

Source: CBR