We’ve known for quite some time that the third Wolverine film would, at least in part, take its cues from the Old Man Logan story. So far, we’ve been told that The Reavers and Mister Sinister would feature into the film and we’ve seen the first image of Stephen Merchant as Caliban. Today, we are getting our first look at Jackman as the older version of the film’s main character. I’ve got to say, I thought he’d look older.

One thing I’ve really liked about the images that director James Mangold has been releasing is that he’s been giving camera geeks insight into the camera, film, and lenses that he’s using to take the shots. So, in case you were wondering, here’s the info from the latest shot:

Taken w/ Leica SL, Noctilux 50mm, ISO 1600 1/1000 ƒ1.7 — by JM