By now you’ve all heard the news that Sarah Connor Chronicles is dead and that Dollhouse has gotten an 11th hour reprieve from Fox, but we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about the new shows that will be joining the network’s line-up this fall.

Personally, it looks like a mixed-bag as you might expect, but even the show that look like crap (except for “Past Lives” ), at least have some people in them that make he hope that they will succeed.

First up we’ve got Brothers. The story of two brothers, one with a failing restaurant and the other with a flagging NFL career. They move back home with their parents, Carl Weathers and CCH Pounder… Hilarity ensues.

What do I like about this show? Carl weathers, CCH Pounder, and Daryl Chill Mitchel.

What do I fear? They cast NFL veteran Michael Strahan as the show’s lead. Worse than that, the writers have so little imagination that they two main characters have the same names as the actors, Mike and Chill.

Next up we’ve got the Cleveland Show, a spin-off of The Family Guy.

What do I like about this show? Honestly, not much. There are times when it feels like Family guy runs entire episodes into the ground with crappy filler and jokes that go on too long. If the A list Material goes to Family Guy… Just what kind of crapgasm is going to be left for his buddy Cleavland. Don’t believe me? Try sitting through the Seth MacFarland Cavalcade of Comedy DVD in one sitting. If you can, you are stronger than I will ever be.

Next we’ve got Past Life. Inspired from the book Reincarnationist, Past Life is about investigators taking clients back to their previous lives to resolve issues in the present. Dr. Kate Mcginn is confident and highly educated. She tries to understand the science behind the soul at The Talmadge Center for Behavioral Health in New York City. Her partner Price Whatley is the total opposite a real cynic as he battles his grief.

What do I like about this show? Richard Schiff. the man is pretty much golden in anything he does from The West Wing to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and even his guest spot in last week’s In Plain Site.

What do I fear about the show? Pretty much everything. It looks bland and heavy handed from the trailer they showed during upfronts. If you can’t make a good impression on the people you are asking to buy ads, then just what are you going to give to the audience?

One of the most exciting new shows for me this season is Human Target. The show is based on the DC Comics title. Christopher Chance is the mysterious security-for-hire protecting his clients by becoming the Human target. With every mission he learns the truth and Chance’s dark history will also unravel.

What do I like about the show? Well, it looks pretty awesome from the trailer. The three main characters from the show are Mark Valley who you might remember from his recent stint on Fringe or his work on shows like The Practice and Keen Eddie. then there’s Chi Mcbride who just finished his run on the cult favorite Pushing daisies, and finally you’ve got Jackie Earle Haley who you most definitely will remember as Rorschach in the Watchmen and who is currently filming the new Nightmare on Elmstreet film where he will be the new Freddy. to top it all off, they got Tricia Helfer for the pilot… not bad.