In a continuing mission to squeeze every last drop of money from Hollywood’s past, studios are continuing their mission to remake literally any property they can think of. Next up on the remake train is the 1990’s Kiefer Southerland/ Julia Roberts thriller, Flatliners. The new version of the film is being called a “re-imagining”, but it seems like it is a loose sequel as Southerland is reprising the same role that he played in the original film.

In place of Southerland, Roberts, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt, and William Baldwin, the new film will star Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev, Diego Luna, and James Norton. If you aren’t familiar with the film’s story, it revolves around a bunch of arrogant medical students who decide to start testing their ability to bring each other back from clinical death, and the experiences that seem to be following them back from the other side.

Flatliners is set to hit theaters on September 29th, and then probably be relegated to Redbox shortly thereafter.

We went through three weeks of medical training with real medical technicians, and learned about defibrillators, and how to resuscitate people. What those steps are. It was really informative. I don’t want to sound cocky and say that I could bring someone back to life in real life, but I could definitely now keep them alive long enough until the real professionals came to save the day.