Can’t wait till 2012 for How To Train Your Dragon 2? Well, get ready because Cartoon Network is ready to unveil their animated spin-off series: “Dragons”, which is set to begin airing this fall.

‘How To Train Your Dragon’ is easily my favorite animated film from the Dreamworks stable and I’m really looking forward to the sequel, it looks like the animated series is just what I need to tide me over.

Here’s what Cartoon Network’s Tim Johnson had to say about the tone and direction for the new series:

“We’re actually going a little darker, a little more dramatic, much like the film. The goal was not to change it or lighten it for a TV series. The goal is to stay true to it in a TV series and that was actually fairly changing.”

It looks great to us so far! We can’t wait to see more, but until then, check out these great promos:

Source: Collider