James Cameron makes a hell of a good movie, but he makes an even better documentary. His love of the deep has made him this generations Jacques Cousteau and has even helped advance the technology that makes it possible to explore deeper than we’ve ever gone before.

Now, he’s releasing his newest film, Deepsea Challenge 3D and we get to join him on his deepest dive yet… as well as get a peek at the technology that he’ll no doubt be using in his upcoming Avatar sequels.

Official Synopsis:
DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D follows the dramatic story of James Cameron’s odyssey as he undertakes an expedition to the deepest part of the ocean. This is a journey of historic proportion and risk. The film will mesmerize viewers of all ages with the thrill of true discovery and the allure of the unknown, of new life forms, and of vistas never before captured on camera — all right here on planet Earth.