A lot of Alien and Neill Blomkamp are still mourning over the fact that we are never going to see his Alien film come to fruition, especially when you consider how much of the cast was behind it and how much it helped wipe some of the lesser Alien films from canon. So, what is Blomkamp working on instead? The District 9 and Chappie director has launched his own independent studio where he doesn’t have to get anyone else’s approval before bringing his creations to life. He can just do it.

The new company, called Oats studios, is eschewing classic distribution models for something a little more high tech. They’ll release some of their short films over YouTube for free. Longer, more complete versions of those films will then be released on a pay basis through Steam. As a bonus, those paid projects will come with add-ins like concept art, 3D models, and VFX content.

To get things rolling, Blomkamp has released the first teaser trailer for Oats Studio: Volume 1. Check it out below, and look at what the next stage of film distribution may soon look like for us all.