there’s been a shroud of mystery surrounding Ridley Scott’s Nottingham film. For months now, he’s been calling it a revisionist version on the robin hood tale. Well, the story is now set and we’re looking at a far more traditional telling of the story than you’ve probably ever seen before. Plus, Robin Hood will be played by none other than Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett will be taking on the part of Maid Marianne. So we know it has to be better than Prince of Thieves.

“[Robin Hood] is a bowman in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion. [Crowe as both Robin and the Sheriff of Nottingham] was an idea so far back, way back when at the time I had this proposed to me, and I read it and thought, ‘I don’t really know what it does for it, but it’s alright’,” Scott told MTV News. “It is better to simply have the evolution of a character called Robin Hood, who will come out of a point in the Crusades which is the end.”

The big difference that you can expect to see in the story is that the villian will be coming from outside the kingdom. That’s right, the French, or as we like to call them… cheese eating surrender monkeys, will play the main villain in the movie.

For those worried that Crowe can’t handle the physical needs of the role, heres what Ridley Scott has to say:

“Oh that is silly. All that stuff is bullsh-t. He is going to be totally fit. That is not a problem at all. And he’s been working on his bow and arrow for about 4 months. He sends me tapes of him hitting targets at about 45 meters. He’s pretty good!”