Because remakes are all the rage with Hollywood’s limited creativity, MTV has decided to take the 1985 Michael J. Fox teen comedy “Teen Wolf” and remake it into a TV series. Oh wait, excuse me, it’ll be more than a TV series but rather a “dramatic thriller with a buddy-comedy element at the center and a romantic plot line.”

Four actors have been cast in the lead roles: Tyler Poser (Brothers & Sisters) is set to take up the Scott McCall mantle as the geeky and dorky high schooler who suddenly becomes popular with his new found wolf abilities. Playing Scott’s best friend will be Dylan O’Brien; Crystal Reed will be Scott’s love interest and Tyler Hoechlin (7th Heaven) will play a rival werewolf who will no doubt challenge Scott and possibly even woo his love interest just to tick him off.

Expect MTV’s “Teen Wolf” remake to debut sometime in the fall next year.

Source: THR