Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly is letting fans know that “Fringe” may be coming to end sooner rather than later. The culprit? Fox is losing money on the popular sci-fi series.

“Fringe has been a point of pride,” Reilly, a fan of the show began at the Television Critics Association event. “I share the passion for the show the fans have.”

“I love that Fox, after letting down genre fans over the years kept with Fringe. I love that fans stuck with it after it moved to Friday. It has vastly improved our Friday night.”

“The hesitation in my voice is that it’s an expensive show,” Reilly admitted. “We lose a lot of money on the show.”

“With that rating on that night it’s almost impossible for us to make money on it. We’re not in the business of losing money. We need to figure out if there’s a deal with the studio that will make sense or will this be it.”

“I’m not quietly doing the ‘soft cancel’ here,” he insisted. “Please don’t start the letter writing campaign. I can’t take it. I hope we get some credit with the fans for seeing through a great show.”

As of right now, Fox executives don’t plan on meeting with Warner Bros. until after the current season, so producers will have to hedge their bets on whether to make the final episode a season or series finale.

But it looks like the day has come, my fellow “Fringe” fans. It’s a somber day indeed.

Source: TV Shark

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