The numbers are out for the weekend and it looks like “How to Train Your Dragon” has finally been toppled. The movie, which had a pretty slow opening but grew faster than that kid with a pituitary problem who used to give you swirlies, was soundly beaten at the box office by the Jackie Earle Haley remake of “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

The other new film to crack the top ten for the week was Bendan Fraser’s “Furry Vengence.” Is anyone really surprised that this movie was only able to suck $6.5 million out of moviegoers this week? Even from the trailers, this thing looked like it was on par with “Doctor Dolittle 3.”

Anyways, coming in at #3 is the month old “Date Night,” which was followed closely by #4, “The Back-Up Plan.” Brendan Fraser dragged his ass into #5. Seriously man… “Gods and Monsters,” “Airheads,” even freaking “Encino Man” and “Monkeybone”… Those were all good movies in their own way… Did someone kidnap your kids or poison you with a promise of antidote for being in this movie? Just don’t tell me that it was because you wanted to do a movie with a good environmental theme…

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street $32,205,000
2. How to Train Your Dragon $10,825,000
3. Date Night Fox $7,600,000
4. The Back-Up Plan $7,240,000
5. Furry Vengeance $6,500,000
6. The Losers $6,000,000
7. Clash of the Titans $5,980,000 -33.0%
8. Kick-Ass $4,450,000
9. Death at a Funeral $4,000,000
10. Oceans $2,600,000