We all knew it’d come someday, and that day is today. The cast of “Friends” are to be reunited once again, this time for the big screens.

Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Joey (Matt Le Blanc), Rachael (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette), and Pheobe (Lisa Kudrow) have all agreed to move onto the big screen following the success of the “Sex And The City” film at the box office. This marks the first time the six “friends” will reunite on the same set for the first time since the show ended in 2004.

Warner Brothers are expected to pay a fortune to the stars and have already hired the show’s creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman to write and produce the film, due out in the summer of 2011.

Expected to return is also Central Perk coffee shop owner Gunther played by James Michael Tyler, who confirmed that ‘Friends: The Movie’ is definitely a go and that he still keeps in touch with a lot of the cast.

The decision to move forward with the film has much to do with the big screen version success of “Sex And The City” which raked in $408,921,925 at the box office. Not small change indeed.

Source: dailymail.co.uk