Genndy Tartakovsky is almost single-handedly responsible for the animation renaissance at Cartoon Network in the late 90’s. Powerpuff Girls, Dexters Laboratory, Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy and then later, Samurai Jack helps establish Cartoon Network as a powerhouse of original animation. His fingerprint didn’t stop there. He was the one who helped create the Star Wars Clone Wars series and the short lived, but extremely awesome Symbionic Titan to the network in the last few years.

With the coming release of his film Hotel Transylvania later this month, it looks like the one cartoon he always wanted to turn into a film may finally get its chance. The film? Samurai Jack!

Here’s what he told IGN:
“I’ve been trying so hard every year, and the one amazing thing about Jack is that I did it in 2001, you know, and it still survived. There’s something about it that’s connected with people. And I want it, it’s number 1 on my list, and now Bob Osher, the President (of Digital Production at Sony Picture Entertainment), is like ‘Hey, let’s talk about Jack. Let’s see what we can do.’ And I go, ‘You’re going to do a 2D feature animated movie?’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah. Maybe. Let’s do some research and let’s see.’ So it’s not dead for sure by any means, and it’s still on the top of my list, and I’m trying as hard as I can.”

I’m sure that a lot of this will hinge on the success of Hotel Transylvania, so for right now we can just cross our fingers.

Source: Comingsoon