Until this weekend, Fast & Furious, the fourth movie in the F&F saga and the second to feature both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker was leading the pack in the race for box office supremacy. It slipped to second this weekend domestically, but it has taken the crown in the global box office.

having now crossed the 118 million dollar mark, Universal has confirmed to E! News that there’s at least one more sequel in the tank. What’s more, unlike the majority of the other sequels, both Diesel and Walker have confirmed that they are both on board for the next ride.

Here’s Paul Walker’s Take on the news:

“This was supposed to be it,” he said of their latest go-round. “There wasn’t supposed to be the open-ended closing like there was. When I first read the screenplay, I was like, ‘Man, look what they’re doing.’ But without question, with the way things opened up, Vin and I will be coming back, we’re making a fifth one, and we’re going to Brazil, that’s it.”

Source: Yahoo