Saban films has just announced that they have picked up the North American distribution rights to a new chapter in the Jay and Silent Bob saga, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot! While information on the new film is sparse, it is being reported that the film will poke fun at sequels, remakes, and reboots, while still being the lovable stoners that have become cultural icons over the last 20+ years.

Saban’s Bill Bromley pointed out that the new film is the first step in a new strategy for the company to partner up with experienced filmmakers. Still, it’s very interesting that they’ve picked a Jay and Silent Bob film as it’s been 18 years since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back hit theaters… and only earned $33 million in global box office against a budget of $22 million. Since then, Jay and Silent Bob have popped up in a
serious of other movies and TV shows as notable pop culture Easter Eggs for fans.

Here’s what Smith had to say about the inspiration for the reboot.

“Last February, I almost died. So on the one year anniversary of my widow maker heart attack, as my best friend and I will be rolling cameras on a sequel/remake/reboot of a movie we first made nearly twenty years ago! In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back our herbal heroes found out Hollywood was making a movie based on them, so they journeyed out to Hollywood to stop it. But I’ve learned so much as a storyteller and have grown immensely as a filmmaker since then, so audiences can expect something completely different: In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot our herbal heroes find out Hollywood is making a reboot of the old movie that was based on them, so they journey out to Hollywood to stop it again. I offer my (literal) undying thanks to our amazing partners at Saban and Universal for making this dream come true and backing this cinematic silliness!”

Here is what Mewes had to say about the film and revisiting the role of Jay that he first played 25 years ago in the independent film, Clerks.
“I’m tired of doing Shakespeare all the time so it’ll be nice to get back to playing Jay again. It may be 25 years since I first played the idiot man-child from Jersey but this time’s going to be the best because I’ve really grown into the role of idiot man-child in my old age.”