The Weekly World News was always a lot of fun to read. Grocery shopping got a little more boring when it went all online a couple years ago. But, while the paper may have gone away, characters like Batboy live on. In fact, they live on more than just in our hearts and minds. According to THR, the WWN has just signed a deal with Dreamworks to develop a new TV series about its characters.

“You’re seeing an embrace of the fringe with shows like “Lost,” “Heroes” and “Fringe.” “Zombies were big two years ago. Vampires are the rage this year. And we think 2010 will be Bat Boy’s year.”

Batboy isn’t the only character. Other characters making appearances on the new show might include:
Neo-conservative columnist Ed Anger
The UFO Alien
Lake Erie Monster, aka Lemmie
Scooter, the world’s richest hamster
Ph.D. Ape
Tonya, the world’s fattest cat.

How on earth could anyone pass that up?