Ghostbusters: Afterlife wasn’t perfect, but it went a long way to win back fans that were lost in the 2016 debacle. The film, which gave us a chance to see our favorite characters from the original films while introducing us to a new generation of Ghostbusters brought in a modest $197,360,575 worldwide against a budget of $75 million. In terms of what goes into marketing and everything, the film made a little bit of a profit, but it wasn’t a blockbuster. With that said, it looks like it was enough of a hit to warrant a sequel.

Deadline is reporting that the sequel to the franchise reboot is on the way and it’s coming next year. In fact, director Jason Reitman and writer Gil Kenan confirmed a release of Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023.

While story details are scant as of present, the last film’s after-credits scene leads us to believe that the next chapter of the story will take our young busters back to NYC and to the infamous firehouse. Personally, we’re hoping that the new film takes some cues from Extreme Ghostbusters which actually did a pretty good job of setting up a next-generation type team.