Word is just in from people who have seen the newest draft of the Ghostbusters movie, and the rumors that all the original cast members would be in the film are completely false. The problem seemed to stem from the tense on set relationship between Sigourney Weaver and Ernie Hudson.

The new script tosses the entire Ghostbusters cannon and reboots it to better fit into current pop culture. Script details are sparse, but the folks over at latinoreview are saying the big bad guy in the film is terrorizing NYC from within the internet, turning all machines connected to the net into living monsters.

Initial casting has gone out as well with Russell Brand being approached for the role of Egon, Kevin James for the role of Ray and Don Cheadle as Winston. While no one has been approached for the role of Peter Venkman as of yet, industry sources have said that everyone from Ryan Reynolds to Sam Rockwell have shown interest.