MTV News has gotten the scoop that a special cameo by the original Green Hornet will make its way into the upcoming “Green Hornet” by Seth Rogen and directed by Michel Gondry.

“Yeah, I think we’re going to have Van Williams,” Gondry revealed to MTV News during a recent interview. “We’re going to find a cameo for him.”

Those familiar with the classic “Green Hornet” might recognize Van Williams as the original actor who portrayed the Hornet alongside Bruce Kee’s Kato. Williams who is now 75-years-old, had reached out to Gondry recently as asked for a cameo.

“He asked us to,” Gondry explained. “It’s going to be exciting.”

In addition, Gondry has also informed MTV that “we can expect casting news any day now on a household name playing the Green Hornet’s nemesis.”

“The villain is going to be horrible,” explained Gondry. “He has a gun with two cannons; he can shoot people in both eyes with one shot.”

“I hope I’m going to get the actor I want,” the director added. “I can’t say his name, but believe me — he’s going to be scary like hell.”

Seth Rogen’s “The Green Hornet” begins shooting soon, and is targeting a June 25, 2010 release.

Source: MTV Splash