In case Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crackle, Apple TV, DC Streaming Universe, Crunchyroll, and Disney+ weren’t enough options, don’t forget that Warner Bros has a whole other network on the way for fans apart from their DC Universe streamer. Today we just learned that the new Warnermedia network is currently developing a prequel animated series based on the Gremlins franchise.

The new series would be set decades before the events of the original Gremlins film from 1984. It would follow the adventures of a much younger Mr. Wing as he travels around the world with the cute and cuddly Mogwai, Gizmo. The only other detail we’ve got is that Tze Chun (Gotham and Once Upon a Time) will be writing and executive producing the series. While Warnermedia’s new network is expected to launch later this year, it’s highly unlikely that the Gremlins series will be part of the original slate unless they’ve been developing this show under the radar for at least a year.