One of the most anticipated offshoots of The Avengers is the announced Hulk TV series which is slated for ABC and is set to be helmed and produced by Guillermo Del Toro. It has been a while since we’d heard anything on the topic, but luckily, the guys at Shocktillyoudrop were able to sit Del Toro down and ask him some questions.

Here’s what he had to say about the show:

“Right now all I know is the official word I was given is that there’s a writer they want,” says del Toro. “They are very interested in me meeting with him. He’s very, very busy. The official word is we are holding, but I don’t know… After ‘Avengers’ having the success it had, perhaps the fate of the project may change. Right now officially what I know – and I’m not hiding anything off the record or anything – is that we were told we were waiting for this writer, and we were going to do it with him.”

He went on to comment on the other comic book characters that he’d like to work on… and geeks everywhere are going to start drooling at the ideas he’s got.

“[T]he superheroes I like and that I would like to get involved with are all monsters,” he continues. “Be it Swamp Thing, Etrigan [the Demon], Doctor Strange – which is not a monster, but [a dark fantasy]. Certainly supernatural. I would love Morbius [the Living Vampire], Blade – they have to be monsters for me to be involved.”

Source: Shocktill you drop