Harley Quinn has joined Doom Patrol on the short list of programs making the jump from DC Universe to HBO Max. As soon as the HBO streamer announced they would be launching, the writing was on the wall for the struggling DC only service. Now, DC Universe is pivoting towards just featuring digital comics and HBO Max is reaping the benefits.

If you haven’t given the Harley Quinn animated series a chance, now’s a great time to try it. Admittedly, we weren’t very impressed with the first episode. It felt like they were more impressed with being able to swear in a cartoon than they were interested in telling a good story. However, as we continued to watch, the show has become a real treat. Along with being very funny, the show has a tremendous amount of heart in the honest ways it explores the very dysfunctional relationships between all of the characters.

Harley Quinn stars:

Kaley Cuoco – Harley Quinn
Lake Bell – Poison Ivy
Tony Hale – Doctor Psycho
Alan Tudyk – Joker/ Clayface
Ron Funches – King Shark
Jason Alexander – Sy Borgman
J.B. Smoove – Frank The Plant
Christopher Meloni – Jim Gordon
James Adomian – Bane
Jim Rash – The Riddler
Diedrich Bader – Batman
Giancarlo Esposito – Lex Luthor
James Wolk – Superman
Michael Ironside – Darkseid