If you get nothing else out of this post today, at least you can walk away knowing how to say ‘You son of a bitch!’ in Tagalog. Seriously though, we wanted to show of this trailer for a couple of reasons. First, Western studios still haven’t figured out that it is possible to make full-length animated features aimed at adult audiences and this is a great example of what other countries (the Filipines in this case) are doing. Also, most American audiences don’t have an idea of what movies are happening outside of Hollywood, so why not show off one that gives us an excuse to type “You son of a bitch” several times!

We honestly don’t know much about the film, or its main character, Nimfa Dimaano. It sort of looks like she’s a pre-existing character in Filipino pop culture, but we could absolutely be wrong. Either way, she’s starring in the first animated film that her nation has ever produced for adult audiences and it looks like she’ll be getting caught up in a hell of a love triangle, Filipino telenovela style.

Synopsis: Nimfa the pretty pussycat is a perfume sales kitty at a department store. Her boyfriend, Roger the macho mongrel, is a janitor. Nimfa meets Inigo the bourgeois business dog & chemistry ignites! Will Nimfa & Roger’s love keep them together, or will Inigo’s high society charms tear them apart?

Source: Cartoonbrew