As if director Guillermo Del Toro doesn’t have a full plate already with “The Hobbit,” “At the Mountains of Madness,” and “Frankenstein,” Bloody Disgusting reports that Del Toro is set to produce an adaptation of “Deadman” based on the DC Comics character of a dead superhero.

With Nikolaj Arcel currently attached to direct, “Deadman” will be produced through Warner Bros and tells the story of Boston Brand, a former circus star killed during a performance, but is resurrected in the form of Deadman, an ethereal spirit that can possess the bodies of those he touches in order to solve crimes, and most importantly, his own murder.

While this sounds like fantastic news for Deadman fans (myself included), the news should be taken lightly warns MTV Splash.

“The news about a possible “Deadman” film shouldn’t be taken as concrete fact just yet, but a Del Toro take on the character is nevertheless an awesome prospect…”

Source: MTV Splash