In case you were worried that Zack Snyder wasn’t going to leave one of the most unfulfilling Superman stories on the table, you are in… luck? Just a little while ago, Henry Cavill teased an up close shot of his costume for the upcoming Justice League film and it looks like they’ll be borrowing heavily from the black suit in which Supes resurrected in the horribly unsatisfying second half of the death of Superman from DC comics. Personally, this just adds more fuel to the fire of reasons for me to not love the DC film universe. It’s bad enough that the Resurrection began at the end of the first movie. I wonder if they’ll go as far as to have ghost Kevin Costner help guide him back to the world of the living.

I just know one thing. If they are really going to do this, they damned well better get Shaq back into his Steel costume.


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