There’s been a lot of guesses about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but there’s only a few people who have actually read the script. We know Chris Pratt has read it and apparently cried. Beyond that, we’ve got to go by what James Gunn has revealed in his recent Facebook Q&A. Check it out below:

He spent the last 48 days turning his 70-page scriptment (“the majority of a script, with every beat and even a lot of dialogue”) into a screenplay. The higher ups at Marvel and Disney have read the scriptment, but only Gunn and his assistant have read the full screenplay.

Like he did with the first movie, Gunn has chosen all of the music for Awesome Mix Vol. 2. Additionally, “every song is in the script, just as I did on the first movie.” Keep in mind that these songs might not make it to the final film. Last December, Gunn provided the uncut tracklist for the Awesome Mix Vol. 1, and I assume there will be an uncut soundtrack for Guardians 2 as well.

Hulk is not appearing in this movie.

Gunn did a lot of research by reading the comics, but “but it’s all to fill out and make better the essential story that I came up with while making the first movie.”

The main cast will return along with a few others from the first movie (presumably Yondu and Nebula).

Source: Collider