It’s a big day for movies from the 90’s. First we got news about a new sequel series on Disney+ for The Mighty Ducks, and now we’ve got word that a new ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ sequel is officially in the offing and that Rick Moranis will definitely be a part of it. This is major news, as Moranis has been relatively absent from Hollywood for nearly 20 years while he’s been up in Canada, raising his children and releasing the occasional comedy album.

In the new film, currently titled Shrunk, Josh Gad will be playing the adult version of Moranis’ character, Wayne Szalinski. According to the report Gad’s character is a man “aspiring to be a great scientist like his father, but accidentally shrinks the kids.”

Helming the project will be the original director of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Joe Johnston.

There’s no word what caused Moranis to finally come back to Hollywood. It could be that his kids are grown up and he’s looking for a new challenge, or it could be that the outcry from fans for him to be in Ghostbusters: Afterlife may have given him the inspiration. For our part, we’re still hoping that he shows up in Afterlife as Louis Tully for an unannounced cameo.