There’s something very strange about this to me. I’m not someone who is well-connected in the show business arena, but even I had heard stories about Kevin Spacey being someone that has acted inappropriately towards people going back over the last ten years. It’s sort of strange that he’s only now being called out for it. Then again, the same could be said for Weinstein. But we also still live in a society where Woody Allen and Roman Polansky are revered for their talent far more than they are vilified for their actions. Weirder still is that there seems to be more focus on what these allegations mean to Spacey’s popular series: ‘House of Cards’ than it does for his victims.

Yesterday, it was announced that his show would now be ending with the currently in production, sixth season. This news was then blunted for fans of the show with an announcement this morning that producers were in talks with Netflix about the possibility of multiple spin-offs based around some of the show’s key players. Now, the axe has come down hard on the show, because it has just been announced that Not only would this be the final season of House of Cards, but that production has been immediately and indefinitely halted .

Here’s the statement from Netflix and the production company of the series:

“MRC and Netflix have decided to suspend production on House of Cards season six, until further notice, to give us time to review the current situation and to address any concerns of our cast and crew.”

It sounds a lot like Spacey’s cast-mates may have had enough of an issue with the allegations that they weren’t comfortable working with him, that or they weren’t comfortable with what it could mean for their careers.

It will be interesting to see if they can pull off a final season for House of Cards or if they will be left to tie up any loose ends in some of the Spacey Free spin offs.