The Fantastic Four’s Thing and The Incredible Hulk have been duking it out ever since they met for the first time in 1961’s Fantastic Four #12 in 1961. Now that the first family is back on the slate with their only monthly series again, it looks like we are finally getting an answer in the newly released Fantastic Four Issue #13.

When the two titans meet up in their newest clash, it’s not under their own will, but under the control of The Puppet Master. Hulk and Ben Grimm as forced to go at it in a brutal battle that nearly ends with The Thing getting beat before his wife, Alicia Masters gives him the pep-talk he needs to turn the tide with an epic punch.

The punch ends the fight by knocking The Hulk out cold, but not without serious ramifications. In what might be the worst damage we’ve seen Grimm take in the history of comics. The punch shatters his arm (as seen in the pic below) and he, himself doesn’t wake up until a week later. Technically, the win goes to The Thing on this one, but it sounds like more of a draw to us. If you can’t walk away from the win, you didn’t earn it. Sorry, Ben!