There’s no IP like known IP in the originality desert that is Hollywood, so of course there’s more Hunger Games content coming down the pipeline. The first teaser for the new film dropped at the beginning of the month and sets up a prequel about not only the rise of President Snow, but the rise of the resistance against him.

Today, Deadline is reporting that Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer is joining the cast as Tigris Snow, “Coriolanus’s cousin and confidante, who advises him in everything – from his role as mentor to the core of his moral compass.”

The film’s cast has been building up over the last couple of weeks to also include Tom Blyth as Coriolanus Snow and Rachel Zegler as Lucy Gray Baird -The tribute from the impoverished Disctrict 12 as well as Jerome Lance will play Marcus, the tribute from District 2. Ashley Liao will play Clemensia Dovecote, one of Coriolanus’s closest friends and mentor to a tribute from District 11. Knox Gibson will play Bobbin, tribute from District 8; Mackenzie Lansing will play Coral, tribute from District 4, while Aamer Husain will play Felix Ravinstill, the mentor to a tribute from District 11, along with  Nick Benson, Laurel Marsden, Lilly Cooper, Luna Steeples and Hiroki Berrecloth

Hunger Games: Ballad Of The Songbirds And Snakes will land in theaters sometime in 2023.